Repair & Refinishing

This is the career path for the elite, not the mediocre. Our technicians are the top ranked surgeons of collision repair. Where others may see a challenge, our team sees opportunity to showcase refined talent, working to restore vehicles to better than showroom quality. If you’re an individual who refuses to settle for average work, your story begins here. Positions include roles such as technicians, detailers, paint specialists, and more.



Industry Certification

We invest in all of our employees with paid training for I-CAR & OEM certification. All vehicle repairs done in our facilities are as accurate as the day they left the manufacturer.



Open positions for the Elite

Master Auto Body Technician

A Master Auto Body Technician will hold certifications in I-CAR, OEM’s, frame, and welding equipment. They will be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the trade. Quality repairs will be their number one priority. While it’s not a requirement, we inspire our master technicians to mentor the up-and-coming apprentices in our shops.

Certified Auto Body Technician

The Auto Body Technician is responsible for fixing a vehicle after it’s been damaged. You will perform quality structural, body, frame and unibody repairs. A Certified Technician will have I-CAR completed classes.

Apprentice Technician

As an Apprentice Technician, you can get hands-on experience in a top-rated facility working alongside highly skilled technicians and using the industry’s latest technology and equipment.  This is a great entry-level position in the body shop with ample room for career and skill growth.

R&I Technician

The Removal & Installation Technician is responsible for disassembling, inspecting, and assessing vehicles for additional or hidden damage. They work closely with body technicians before, during, and after the repair process.

Detail & Quality
Check Technician

The Detail & Quality Check Technician is responsible for the cleaning and inspecting of the customer’s vehicle before and after the repair process. They must be able to identify damage, flaws and inspect the vehicle upon completion. Always willing to go above and beyond the customer’s expectation. This is an essential part of the repair process to ensure satisfactory customer service.

Auto Body Paint & Color Specialist

The Auto Body Paint & Color Specialist excels in color matching, blending, and finishing of the vehicle surface using proven paint techniques and equipment. They have an eye for color, small details and can spot imperfections with ease.

Paint Preparation Technician

The Paint Preparation Technician is responsible for preparing various parts of the vehicle during the paint stage of the repair process. Preparing the vehicles surface by sanding, masking, and taping. Remove paint imperfections, correct defects, and polish fresh paint.

Parts Manager & Parts Clerk

The Parts Manager is responsible for ordering, receiving, processing, and monitoring parts throughout the repair process. Working closely with the General Manager, Estimators and Technicians for any issues that are parts related within the shop. The Parts Clerk is an entry level position into the parts department and assists the manager with mirror matching parts and seeing that parts are available and ready for the technicians.

ASE Mechanical Technician

Our mechanics are responsible for diagnostic testing, mechanical repairs, and inspections. They work on suspensions, alignments, electronic systems such as steering, and accident-avoidance systems. While an ASE certification is not required, it is ideal.



Innovation awaits. Our facilities are outfitted with the most up-to-date prestigious tools, devices, and technologies to get the job done properly. We don't cut corners for the sake of ease.



Benefits for being the best

Great Salary

The foundation of any happy career. Be compensated competitively for your top tier industry talent.

Health Insurance

Day 1 access to our comprehensive Medical, Dental and Vision plans so you’re protected.

Retirement Plan

We want you to retire stress-free. Our retirement plans give you the power to do so.

Paid Training

Further sharpen your industry skills with education in all the latest technology & trends, all on our dime.

Career Growth

Embark on a career that rewards going the extra mile. Guaranteed growth for those who invest.

Vacations & Trips

Paid time off, holidays, company sponsored trips & events.


Safe. Stable.

We have zero tolerance towards disrespect or dangerous conditions in our facilities. We promote a culture of safety, integrity and respect that permeates everything we do. Our mission is to be the most respected collision repair group in our communities while providing an exceptional automotive experience to everyone we touch.



Unlock your true potential

Stop wasting your talents at a shop that doesn’t respect your time or give you the proper tools to flourish. Join the VIVE family of skilled collision repair specialists that are dedicated to improving the auto body industry while being rewarded for it.

VIVE Collision strives to inspire human potential by providing a healthy work environment that honors and leverages the talents of its employees, customers, and the local community. We are constantly upgrading our facilities with state-of-the-art technology, certifications, and services to help people unlock their gifts and talents, creating a better experience for all parties involved.



The straight answers to your questions

  • Does what we do matter?

    The VIVE brand is built on the philosophy of people, process, and passion. We prioritize honesty, transparency, and reliability for every one of our customers. The service we provide is more than just "fixing" cars - individuals place their trust in us to help restore their life to normalcy, and protect their families when they're in their most vulnerable state.

    If you’re looking for a rewarding career path that provides complex challenges & emotional fulfillment, look no further.

  • Do I matter?

    100%, yes, you matter. VIVE is not a quantity over quality auto body collision factory where you’re regarded as just a body and a number. We are an elite task force of skilled, passionate individuals who are recognized and rewarded for going the extra mile. There is ALWAYS room to grow within our organization - the only thing standing in your way is you. If you ever felt like your old employer gave up on you, VIVE is the company to help you see the difference.

  • How well am I performing?

    We recognize that VIVE team members are of a certain breed — always striving to perform at their highest level, which is why we allow room for both recognition and improvement.

    We utilize certain KPIs (key performance indicators) for various roles. For example, Estimators have tracked metrics that are discussed daily to ensure you’re aware of success & opportunity. Annual performance reviews are scheduled with your team leader for high level performance overviews. Production teammates are provided an open-door policy that allows personalized one-on-one performance conversations. You will never not know where you stand within the family - we work together to rise together.

  • Am I alone or part of a team?

    Simply put, you are part of a prestigious group of individuals excelling in their respective areas of expertise. There will always be support when necessary, and always enough breathing room for focused concentration.

  • Will the company help me reach my goals?

    We are always willing and proud to help our team members reach their goals, no matter how high they are. A key ingredient to our success is having an army of dedicated, passionate employees — this is the fuel and core DNA of the VIVE brand.


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